Tom Moran, CenturyLink

November 23, 2015 · Posted in Speaker Bios 

Tom MoranTom Moran
Manager, Solutions Development

Tom Moran is the Senior Director of Media and Entertainment Marketing for Savvis Communications, a CenturyLink Company. Tom studied at the University of Minnesota and then began his career as a freelance photojournalist, fine artist and musician, based in London England.

As an arts minded technologist Moran has done pioneering work in digital media production, management and distribution, much of it while working for the Technology startup WAM!NET, which was acquired by Savvis in 2003.

For the past 15 years Tom has played a leading role in developing solutions for creating, digitizing, managing and distributing media for individual artists, arts institutions, and businesses both large and small, most notably working with many of the major music companies and film industry service providers in developing their digital supply chain strategies and capabilities. His work in these areas has been recognized with patents and by organizations such as the Global Society for Asset Management, as a Board Member of the Content Distribution and Security Association and by the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance, where he chairs the digital supply chain committee. Moran regularly writes for trade publications and speaks at industry events on topics related to technology in the media industry. air max damen air max damen

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