Bryan Ellenburg, CDSA

August 5, 2015 · Posted in Conference Chairs 

Ellenburg_Bryan1Bryan Ellenburg
Security Consultant, Production and Post Production

In 2014, Bryan Ellenburg joined forces with the Content Delivery & Security Association CDSA, spearheading an effort to bring security audits upstream into the world of Production and Post Production Editorial spaces.
Mr. Ellenburg is the former Vice President of Content Security & Distribution Technology at Paramount Pictures. During his 12 years at the studio, he was responsible for worldwide content security and anti-piracy efforts across the entire lifecycle of studio intellectual property.

While at Paramount Pictures, Mr. Ellenburg represented the studio at the MPAA on the Pre-THEFT task force, whose mission was to create best practices around the prevention of theatrical and home entertainment film theft.
Previously, Mr. Ellenburg served as the head of Worldwide Feature Post Production for Artisan Entertainment, as well as the head of Worldwide Technical Operations for DreamWorks. nike air max günstig nike air max günstig

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